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ROSIEN is 100% Australian made and owned

Beauty benefits from healthy skin. ROSIEN is dedicated to the area of research in keeping the skin in the best condition from the original factors.

Brand Story

If the memory has intriguing smell, it must be the aroma of rose for me. If the memory can be described in image, it must be the face of my beloved mother. These have being stuck in my head, my heart for all of those years. - ROSIEN brand founder

In 2015, ROSIEN's first organic rosehip oil mask came out. It’s the reflection of the founder’s persistent pursuit, getting the smell of childhood memory back. After more than 20 years’ professional research and technological innovation, the R & D team designed incredible products, combinations of nature and technology.

ROSIEN understands the impact of aging on women. With the faith of being beautiful in a healthy way, there are no extra harmful chemicals added. ROSIEN uses natural, healthy, high-quality raw materials, by taking the advantage of Australia's superior natural environment, to produce safe and effective healthy skin care products, combining the highest quality natural ingredients and professional skin care recipes.

Our Concepts

Continuous research and work, produce high-quality cosmetics.

  • Safety

    Natural, healthy, high quality raw materials.

  • Effectiveness

    Professional research and development team formula and innovation technology.

  • Healthier Looking

    Natural bioactive formula taking care of the skin in-depth.

  • Beauty

    Beauty starts from within.